Christmas in Ghana

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Christmas in Ghana celebration
Takoradi Christmas celebration

I remember, yes I remember
Though a bit younger and naïve then
Full of childish expectations
That tingling inner joy that comes with the thought of Christmas
I remember
That feeling of anxiety
When the weather is filled with dusty haze, the touch of an African snow.
With low humidity causing dry and cracky skin
Shea butter, nkuto, hmmmmm , our most trusted friend to protect
I remember I do remember
When the sweet aroma of food fills the atmosphere
And not just that, food actually followed you no matter your status.
The expectation to taste chicken and gulp down half a glass of sweet colored, flavored water for the first time in the year.
The joy that filled every child’s heart.
I remember
The expectation to see distant family members come to visit
With wooden dolls and dresses, a cultured child’s delight.
The unwelcome parade of masquerades, though with music and cheers, but driving the stubborn child into hiding for solace.
Awwwwwwww the joy of Christmas
I remember
When the akan never would pass without greeting “afehyia pa oooo”.
And met with response – “Afe nkɔ mbɛ tu yɛn oo”.
When the Ga woman will greet “afi oo afi”- “Afi aya ni eba nina wɔ”.
The Voltarian would greet “efe nami loo” – “efe neyi ne wagava tu mi”, or simply, “Blonya nami loo”, “N’ega va tu mi loo”.
Now I’m older
Things are not the same anymore
I can afford to eat chicken and drink expensive beverages at any time.
Does it mean the anxiety is gone?
Family members are so busy, it’s much of a heavy burden to even visit
The mobile phone and technology comes to the rescue in a way
That feeling of oneness slowly fading.
The feeling of joy seems to be dying and the 12 days of Christmas passes just like any other day of the year.
Masquerades are no more welcomed, for computer age children will have them ignored.
But the true meaning of Christmas lingers on.
That a saviour was to come save the poor sinner
The true meaning of Christmas will forever remain
That true love is expressed by the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ.
Though Man has tried to replace the Christ in the Christmas with an X, Christ is about a very serious matter.
Let’s make time to reflect, to ponder, to plan to accept this Christ now.
O how I miss the old time Ghanaian Christmas.

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