Anything is Possible

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People set records and those records are broken. And yet new records are set. If you can think it, and you can work at it, you would achieve it. It may not just require hard work but working smart. It is possible. A little more focus. A little more determination. Don’t limit your abilities by your thoughts.


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We are often hurt by our own expectations. We often say that those closest to us hurt us the most. Yes, we expect them to know us better. And we are constantly thinking for others. Do yourself this good. Reorient yourself and be happy. Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

Demonstrate Trust

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You can achieve a lot by delegation. When people see that you believe in them and you trust them enough to be able to do something, they do everything possible to meet your expectations. They can’t afford to disappoint you. They are forced to learn what they don’t already know to handle what is at stake.

Fish Out The Good

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So long as we continue to live, good things will happen to us. Bad things will also come beckoning. But don’t fret. Don’t worry too much about the bad things that happen to us. The good book says: All things work together for good to them that love the Lord. … There’s something good in every bad situation. Look for